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Y'all excuse me for a moment while I bounce around grinning madly. Actually, I've been doing that since yesterday (well, bouncing on the inside, anyway).

My blog post on The Conscience Vote about Julian Assange's arrest attracted a huge amount of attention. By yesterday afternoon I'd been linked on a number of other blogs, and repubished by Online Opinion.

Then I got an email from Jonathan Green, editor of ABC's The Drum and Unleashed online news sites.

(Quick explanation for non-Aussie friends: the ABC is Australia's public broadcaster. Its standard of journalism is very, very high, particular in the areas of current affairs and political reporting. One of its luminaries, Kerry O'Brien, was last night honoured with a Walkley Award for Journalistic Leadership. I don't know if there is a US equivalent, but suffice it to say that the ABC has an amazing amount of integrity and talent behind it. The Drum is a political commentary site featuring articles from both regular and guest columnists.)

Jonathan Green started out by telling me that he'd liked my blog post.

Then he asked if they could re-publish it on The Drum today!

(does more happy dancing)

This is unbelievably huge for me. To be published by an organisation like the ABC has been an ambition, but I never really thought it was very likely. I'm a citizen journalist - a blogger! For a long time I wasn't sure it would actually happen.

It appeared this morning.

I'm more than a little apprehensive as to the kind of comments it might attract - the Assange issue and the wider question of Wikileaks are all over the media right now, and opinions are, well, strong. But it goes with the territory, I keep telling myself. If people take the time to comment on it - even if they're trashing me - it means they've read it.

I'm also hoping that this will be a starting point. The more people comment, the more hits the site gets, the more likely it is that I might be published there again - or by other mainstream media.

So, here's the shameless plea part of this post - if you have time, please click through, even if you've read it. And if you can comment, that would be wonderful. I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it - I'd give you all cookies if I could!

Okay, I'm going away to do normal housekeeping things now - but ... but ... wow!!

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