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Regretfully, I've had to cull my cross stitching books and magazines. Rather than dump them on the Op Shop, though, I thought I'd see if any of my LJ friends would like to maraud upon them first. All free, just come and pick them up!

New Stitches

Dec '02 (blackwork three sailing ships, Chrismas tablecloth, Christmas cards)
Apr '03 (bullfinches, Jacobean lady, Easter cards)
May '03 (Egyptian gods, blackwork Italian cathedral)

Cross Stitch Gold

Jun '02 (wedding sampler, bedtime sampler, Abyssinian cat, carousel horse)
Aug '02 (tinker tailor sampler, Russian blue cat, two foxes)
Christmas '02 (pre-Raphaelite woman, Christmas sampler, stockings, carousel horse)
Issue 6 (Noah's Ark sampler, floral tablecloth, Oriental lady)
Issue 7 (foral fiesta, Mary Mary sampler, oriental kimonos)
Issue 8 (blue china, wild ducks, carousel horse, cat and flowers)
Issue 12 (family tree sampler, Christmas stockings, Christmas cards, Sleeping Beauty)
Issue 13 (Old MacDonald, cat sampler, garden sampler, romantic charms)
Issue 14 (home blessing sampler, poppies, romantic cards)
Issue 15 (All Our Yesterdays, nursery rhyme sampler, Oriental ginger jar)


vol 20 no 12 (various craft projects)

Cross Stitch Favourites

Special Issue (Snatch & friends design, All Our Yesterdays, snowman, Country Companions, Thomas the Tank Engine, Clover Flower Fairy)

Cross Stitcher

Feb '02 (Angelina Ballerina, romantic roses, oriental lady)
Mar '02 (Forever Friends bunny, Easter cards, flowers, Percy the park keeper)
Apr '02 (Thomas the Tank Engine, sheep and lambs, pot of flowers)
May '02 (Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten, patchwork pony, Golden Jubilee)
Aug '02 (Country Companions hedgehog, hearts and fowers sampler, art deco flowers)
Sep '02 (Postman Pat, lemon tree, poppies)
Nov '02 (Forever Friends, Christmas Cards, Christmas designs)
Christmas '02 (Winnie the Pooh, Christmas cards, Christmas designs)
Feb '03 (Forever Friends romantic bear, dreamcatcher, cute cats, love sampler)
May '03 (Tigger, Country Bunch)
Jul '03 (Humphrey's Corner, country sampler, wedding and engagement cards)
Aug '03 (Paddington Bear, All Our Yesterdays, Indian sampler)
Oct '03 (Winnie the Pooh, Egyptian portrait, field mouse, lilies)
Nov '03 (Peter Rabbit, Country Companions hedgehog, poppy bouquet)
Jan '04 (Bagpuss, willow pattern, four seasons flowers, ice skating children)
Mar '04 (Tigger, groovy mum, peacock)
Apr '04 (Forever Friends teddy, cottages, swan, Easter cards)
Oct '04 (Winnie the Pooh, African woman, Celtic knotwork chessboard)
Oct '06 (Country Companions Christmas bear, Japanese cranes, winter Christmas scene)
Aug '07 (stargazer lily, Humphrey's Corner)
Nov '07 (Country Companions hedgehog, horse and cart)

Cross Stitch Collection

Jan '02 (pansies, Oriental lady, Pierrot clown)
Feb '02 (wizard, steam train, frog prince)
Apr '02 (Apple Blossom fairy, coral reef fish, teddy bear and kitten)
Mar '02 (All Our Yesterdays, giraffe, dream catcher)
May '02 (Guelder Rose fairy, Edwardian lady, Summer bouquet)
Jun '02 (wedding projects, summer sampler, butterflies)
Jul '02 (art nouveau lady, butterflies, macaws, giant tiger chart)
Aug '02 (poppy cottage, Peter Rabbit, seaside triptych)
Sep '02 (poppies, Victorian lady, daisy tablecloth)
Oct '02 (ducks, wildflower cushion, Bengry bunny)
Nov '02 (angel, snow scene, toucans)
Dec '02 (Christmas tree, three wise men Assisi design, advent calendar)
Christmas '02 (poinsettias, Christmas samplers, tree decorations)
Jan '03 (Indian elephant, Monet style scene, Siberian tiger)
Mar '03 (two dolphins, Country Companions mice, bunch of flowers)
Apr '03 (cuddly panda, classic rose, village scene)
May '03 (Oriental scene, 1880s lady, flower portraits)
Jun '03 (romantic couple on swing, art nouveau flower, wedding cards)
Jul '03 (teddy bear fairy, deer in marshes, baby sampler)
Aug '03 (All Our Yesterdays, peacock, blackberry sampler)

Jane Greenoff's Cross Stitcher

Issue 24 (Spring sampler, Mother's Day gifts)
Issue 32 (art nouveau flowers, baby afghan, flower market)
Issue 35 (quilt block cushion, hydrangea, Delft alphabet)

TV Stitcher

(Scooby Doo, Pingu, Fimbles, Star Trek, Tweenies, Noddy)

Quick & Easy Cross Stitch

112 (Easter cards, Beatles, kingfisher)

The World of Cross Stitching

Jan '02 (Peter Rabbit, Jacobean bellpull, mandarin duck)
Apr '02 (Winnie the Pooh, baby animals, sailing ship, stained glass cards)
Jun '02 (Country Companions hedgehog wedding, sunflower cushion, nautical sampler)
Aug '02 (All Our Yesterdays, peacock, butterfly table linen)
Oct '02 (Phlox fairy, steam train, nursery mice)
Nov '02 (Eeyore, red fox, Christmas angel)
Dec '02 (Tigger, lily of the valley set, Santa teddy)
Christmas '02 (Country Companions mice, Christmas tree, skiing teddy)
Feb '03 (Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck, fairytale princess)
May '03 (All Our Yesterdays, blue irises, garden birds)
Jun '03 (Eeyore, garden poem, patchwork teddy, Indian elephant)
Jul '03 (Wild Cherry Blossom fairy, art deco lady, rose wedding set)
Sep '03 (Snatch the Dog, wisteria bedroom set, island village)
Nov '03 (red robin, old style geese, Christmas cards)
Feb '04 (Country Companions hedgehogs, Valentine lady, bluebell wood)
Mar '04 (All Our Yesterdays, floral sampler, tabby cat)
Issue 128 (Baby Newton, beach hut, summer cushion)

Cross Stitch Favourites

Issue 16 (All Our Yesterdays, Felicity Wishes, panda, Beechnut Flower Fairy)

Cross stitch Crazy

Oct '02 (hummingbird, Hey Diddle Diddle sampler, small wedding designs)
May '03 (birds in cherry tree, romantic teddy bear, small wedding designs)
Dec '07 (skating teddy, Christmas tablecloth, Christmas cards)

Books and Charts

Creative Stitchcraft
Teresa Wentzler Sampler Collection
OmniBook of Florals
Cricket Collection (friends sampler)
Cross Stitch Musical Angels
Samplers and Motifs in Cross Stitch
Cuddly Cats and Kittens in Cross Stitch
Carousel Horse (Spring)
Carousel Horse (Summer)
Carousel Horse (Autumn)
Carousel Horse (Winter)
Princess & Dragon (Teresa Wentzler)
Peaceable Kingdom (Teresa Wentzler)
Country Primitives Samplers
Windermere Angel
Cross Stitch Greeting Cards
A Country Cross Stitch Companion (Lynda Burgess)
Just Purrfect (cat designs)
Celtic and Medieval Cross Stitch Designs (Dorothy Wood)
Celtic Cross Stitch Designs (Carol Phillipson)
The Ultimate Book of Roses
555 Country Cross Stitch Designs (Donna Kooler)
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