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Went off tonight to the Spinning Room for the Believer invitational Slam. This heat was being sponsored by Overland magazine, and there was a representative there listening keenly to us all. No pressure. (gulp)

I nearly didn't make it, thanks to my stupid knees, but the organiser was exceptionally generous and offered to pick me and up and drop me home afterwards. I'm very, very grateful to him - he went far out of his way, and drove from my place to Prahran and back (a round trip of over 90 minutes).

The standard was incredibly high - and to make matters even more nerve-wracking, after each round the lower scores were eliminated.

To cut a long story short (too late!), I made it through all three rounds. To my chagrin, though, I was nearly 90 seconds too long on my last poem, in the 3-minute round! I have no idea how that happened. When I timed it before the night started, it was 3 minutes 27 seconds, and so I cut out about eight lines to be sure. It's a complete mystery to me where the rest came from - I must have been really slowing down my delivery. The Spinning Room's regular organiser said, though, the fact that I held the audience silent for so long is both unusual and a credit to my performance. (I blushed. A lot.)

The upshot was that I came 5th out of a field of 14, dropping two places because of time penalties. I did, however, win the Overland 3rd round prize (a copy of the next issue), because my score before penalties was high.

The next heat is on October 23rd, in a church in Thornbury. I've been invited back, and urged to come back to the Spinning Room on one of their regular open stage nights. One of the other poets, a fantastic talent named IQ, has also urged me to enter the Overload Poetry Festival Slam.

This is all getting a bit epic ...

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