Aug. 25th, 2009

crazyjane: (poetry)
We were asked to tackle 'political poetry' in class last week.

My brain was, well, not in the serious poetic mode. And someone had challenged me to find a rhyme for the Prime Minister's favourite phrase, 'enhanced programmatic specificity'.

So I did.

For Julia Gillard, Deputy PM:

A feisty young pollie called Jules
Thought the Liberals were nothing but fools
When they’d come the raw prawn
She’d just laugh them to scorn
And go on showing pictures of schools

For the outgoing former Deputy Liberal leader, Peter Costello:

A veteran by name of Costello
Seemed to be such an ambitious fellow
But when called on to lead
He could not do the deed
Guess his belly was just too darned yellow

And the piece de resistance:

There once was a PM named Rudd
Who said, ‘I’m no stick in the mud!
With enhanced programmatic specificity
I’ll generate free electricity
And you’ll all see I’m not such a dud!’

Hm, now I need to do one for Brendan Nelson, (briefly) former Liberal Leader in Opposition, since he's announced his intention to flee for the hills.

brendan tendon lend 'em mend 'em pendin' bendin' sendin' ... I'm not hopeful.

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